Do You Care about Medicare? The Battle Has Begun — Start your calls today!

The Senate votes tomorrow on its version of the 2018 budget. It’s time to call your senators — Tell them to protect Medicare and other safety net programs that would be cut under this budget!

Call your senators
(202) 224-4744 Sen. Menendez
(202) 224-3224 Sen. Booker

(Not in NJ? No problem–find your senators here).

The budget process is complicated. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The House already passed their version of the budget on October 5th. It includes a $500 billion cut to Medicare, and $4 trillion in cuts to all social safety net programs! The proposal included two suggestions for how to cut Medicare: 1) raise the eligibility age to 67, and 2) replace Medicare as we know it with fixed vouchers to buy private health insurance. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) and Tom MacArthur (R-3) voted yes to these cuts! (NJ’s 10 other members of Congress all voted no).
  • The Senate is poised to vote on their version of the budget tomorrow (Oct. 19th). It also includes cuts to safety net spending, which will lead to Medicare being funded at 18% less than its expected growth rate.
  • If the Senate bill passes, the next step is for a committee to draft a Joint Budget Resolution. If both houses can agree on and pass a budget, then Republicans can move on to forcing a tax cut bill through Congress with only 51 votes and no filibustering (because of something called “reconciliation”). These tax cuts will take money away from the federal programs that need it, and instead give it to the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations!
  • We need to oppose any cuts to social safety net programs like Medicare at every step of this process, just like we did in the battle to save the ACA. Our calls need to start today!

Here are your talking points:

  • I want my senator to oppose any budget that includes cuts to social safety net programs like Medicare.
  • I want my senator to oppose any plans that cut spending on social safety net programs in order to help wealthy people and corporations pay less in taxes.
  • The wealthy need to pay their fair share!

(Don’t like making phone calls? No problem! Call after hours or on the weekend and leave a voicemail. Or you can write to Sen. Booker at One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor, Newark, NJ, 07102,  and Sen. Menendez at One Gateway Center, Suite 1100, Newark, NJ 07102.)