Campaign Finance Reform Bill Needs Your Support Now!

UPDATE, 2/22/19:  This bill is still stuck in the Assembly, but yesterday it’s companion in the state Senate, S1500, was passed unanimously! Stay tuned for future calls-to-action as we continue the work of getting it thru the Assembly.


Help end the influence of secret money in state politics. Contact the Assembly State & Local Government Committee and urge them to support A1524, the “Disclosure & Transparency Bill” at their next hearing! Contact info below. 

We have a dark money problem in New Jersey. Since the Citizens United ruling, special-interest group spending in our state elections has skyrocketed, going from a mere $15,999 in 2009 to $45.4 million dollars in 2016! While these groups must disclose how much they spend, they do NOT have to disclose where the money comes from. NJ campaign finance reform advocates want to change that by passing bill A1524, which would require special-interest groups to disclose who their donors are, and would also strengthen New Jersey’s Election Law Enforcement Commission.

This coming Thursday, December 6th, the Assembly State & Local Government Committee is likely to consider A1524Contact the committee members and tell them to vote YES on A1524!  (Hate talking on the phone? No problem! Just call after hours and leave a voicemail, or send an email!)

  • Asm. Vincent Mazzeo (D-2), chair:   609-383-1388 or
  • Asw. Shavonda Sumter (D-35), vice-chair:   973-925-7063 or
  • Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25):   973-539-8113 or
  • Asw. Angela McKnight (D-31):   201-360-2502 or
  • Asm. Ryan Peters (R-8):    609-654-1498 or
  • Asw. Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D-15):   609-571-9638 or    Hey, Central Jersey, if you live in East or West Amwell, Ewing, Hopewell, Lambertville, Lawrence, Pennington, Trenton, or West Windsor, Asw. Reynolds-Jackson is YOUR assemblywoman! Be sure to contact her and tell her you are a constituent!


  • I am contacting you because you are [the chair/the vice-chair/a member of] my Assembly State & Local Government Committee.
  • Please support bill A1524 at your next hearing and move it forward for a vote in the whole Assembly.
  • I join with Represent.Us in calling for campaign finance reform and an end to dark money in our state politics!
  • We need more transparency and accountability in our election process.
  • Voters need to know who is donating to special-interest groups, and who is paying for issue ads!
  • I will be contacting my own state assembly members to let them know I strongly support A1524.
  • Thank you for all you do for the state through your work on this committee.