Animal Protection bills in statehouse

There are two important animal protection bills in our statehouse right now.

The first has to do with laws regarding dogfighting, which still happens in our state, and I have personally examined pit bulls that were fought.  A4698 establishes third degree penalties for possession, transport, sale, and use of animal fighting materials and equipment with the intent to, or in connection with, fighting animals.  This bill was unanimously passed in the Senate and needs a full assembly vote to send it to the Governor’s desk.  Please ask Asms Benson and DeAngelo to support this bill, and request Speaker Coughlin post this bill for a vote ASAP.

The second bill has been pending for over four years!  Despite overwhelming legislative support, and a coalition of almost 30 member groups all across NJ in support of the legislation, A4845 (shark fin sales ban) continues to NOT receive a posting for a FULL Assembly vote, where it would pass once posted.  A small, vocal group of fishermen and industry related groups are lobbying Speaker Coughlin not to post the bill.  This bill will NOT affect the fishing industry.  The intent of this bill is to eliminate New Jersey’s contribution to the global trade in shark fins by stopping the fin sale within the state, while not interfering with legal shark fishing or the sale of whole sharks to other destinations.  NEW JERSEY IS THE ONLY STATE in the NY-MD coastal region which has not passed this legislation.  Please contact the Speaker’s office and ask him to post this bill.  His contact information is: