ACA Protection Bills

The latest court ruling on the Affordable Care Act puts the country on a dangerous pathway to once again possibly repeal the ACA. It is imperative that NJ lawmakers protect the healthcare of NJ residents and vote yes to pass a package of bills that create the safety net we need. Voting YES protects NJ patients from the potential loss of guaranteed coverage for essential health benefits such as preventative care, treatment for substance use and mental health, and reproductive health services, and loss of protections for pre-existing conditions.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on this package of bills on Thursday, Jan 9th and Monday, January 13th.

We expect Democratic Senators will support the bills, but they need to hear from you in order to ensure their support. Please take action and send them an email today!

The Republican Senators need to be pushed to vote for the whole package. They support some proposals like protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions but they haven’t committed to voting for essential health benefits or the bills that create oversight and accountability to keep healthcare costs down. Please take action and email them today! If you have a Republican Senator please call their office in addition to sending them an email. 

Easy link to email action: