Pass Same Day Voter Registration in NJ

The League of Women Voters is calling on you to help pass same-day voter registration in New Jersey! The same-day voter registration bill (A4548/S2824) will alter our voter registration deadlines and allow for same-day voter registration, including on Election Day.
New Jersey has taken significant steps in the past to increase access to the right to vote with the implementation of automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and restoring the right to vote to people on parole and probation. However, these efforts are undercut by the current three-week deadline which stops potential voters from casting a ballot in every election year after year. Email your legislators today and tell them to support same-day voter registration.
Same-day voter registration is safe, secure, and is proven to increase voter turnout. Studies show an average voter turnout increase of 5% in states that have same-day voter registration, with as much as a 10 percentage point increase in turnout among 18-to-24-year-olds. Same-day voter registration also addresses racial inequities in our voter registration process. Due to unnecessary inequities and barriers in our voting system, people of color are registered to vote at lower rates than white people and are purged from the voting rolls at higher rates.
With over 20 states and DC already having some form of same-day voter registration, New Jersey must be the next state to stand up in the fight to protect voting rights. Take action now to urge your legislators to support same-day voter registration. With your support we can make #DemocracyInADay a reality in New Jersey