These 3 Common Sense Gun Safety Reforms Need Your Support Today

UPDATE, 3/23/18: Thanks to everyone who wrote emails and made phone calls. These three bills were all reported out of committee! Stay tuned for updates about when these bills might come up for a vote in the full Assembly. If you haven’t contacted your state senator and 2 assembly members about these bills, now is the time! Find out who your state representatives are here.


Three common sense gun safety bills will be considered at tomorrow’s (3/22) Assembly Appropriations committee hearing at 1pm. We need to get them out of committee and onto the Assembly floor for a vote! Tell committee chair John Burzichelli (D-3) to support these common sense bills!

These 3 bills are making their way thru the state Assembly:

Contact committee chair John Burzichelli (D-3) to voice your support for these common sense reforms. Leave a voicemail at (856) 251-9801, or send an email to

Your talking points:

  • I’m contacting you because you are the chair of my Assembly Appropriations Committee. I urge you to support A2759, A2761, and the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act (A1217), and send them to the Assembly floor for a vote.
  • We need common sense gun safety reform!
  • These bills will protect law enforcement, children, and people who are at risk of suicide.


Have more time on this snow day? Contact the other Assembly Appropriations Committee members too!

  • vice-chair Gary Schaer (D-36): (973) 249-3665;
  • Herb Conaway Jr. (D-7): (856) 461-3997;
  • Wayne DeAngelo (D-14): (609) 631-7501;
  • Gabriela Mosquera (D-4): (856) 232-6700;
  • Ryan Peters (R-8): (609) 654-1498;
  • Eliana Pintor Marin (D-29): (973) 589-0713;
  • Kevin Rooney (R-40): (973) 237-1362;
  • Cleopatra Tucker (D-28): (973) 926-4320;
  • Jay Webber (R-26): (973) 265-0060;
  • Harold Wirths (R-24): (973) 300-0200;