Tell Your Story

The most powerful tool of persuasion is not facts.
It is storytelling.


We are pleased to announce that we have changed our name to STAND Central New Jersey (STAND CNJ), proudly embodying our purpose to “Stand and Take Action Now for Democracy.” In November 2016, we formed as a regional… Read More

Go local: STAND CNJ “huddles” now forming

STAND CNJ is taking the lead from the Women’s March and forming our own small group huddles! These huddles, or hyper local groups, are an important piece in organizing a widespread grassroots movement. It allows us to organize for action… Read More

Open Letter to Members of the Press

Dear Members of the Press: We can only imagine how difficult the past 18 months have been for you. All election cycles present reporting challenges, but this one has been far from normal. You have been called names… Read More

Your next step: Become an activist!

So you’ve marched! Now it’s time to take the inspiration of the moment and join the movement!

I’ve marched. What’s next?

We did it! The world came together by the millions. We raised our voices and stood our ground. The march was inspirational and enerigizing. We’re fired up. Ready to go. Now what?