As STAND CNJ takes its place as an ally to the Black Lives Matters Movement we encourage posts to our Facebook sites of events which support and amplify this movement.

STAND Central New Jersey mourns the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and so many other men and women of color treated unjustly and brutally by not only police but also institutional racism of all kinds. In this moment in history, we are intently focused on several aspects of STAND Central NJ’s mission:

“We are local.  We are regional.  We are constituent power.  We are voices of democracy.

STAND CNJ’s Mission is to support our democracy by fighting for social justice, economic opportunity, and human rights for all, starting from the ground up in New Jersey.  We organize to impact legislation and policies at the local and state level, collaborate with strategic partners to reach our shared goals, and build our power as constituents to create a brighter future — more just and prosperous for all people.


  • Think Global, Act Local, Go National.  
  • Stand and Take Action Now for Democracy  
  • Take back your power!


  1. Educate constituents on the workings of our government and the key issues that are impacted by our elected officials
  2. Engage the public in the civic process
  3. Empower as many as possible – especially the underserved, disenfranchised segments of the population – to take back their power in choosing elected officials who represent their values and to hold their elected officials accountable

STAND CNJ Approach

We will achieve our goals by organizing locally, collaborating with like-minded groups and individuals, and building our constituent power.”