The Morning After AHCA: Next Steps for New Jersey

So, what do we do now that the AHCA has passed in the House and is heading to the Senate? Let’s turn our anger and disgust into action. Here’s what we can do here in New Jersey.

  • Call or write to your House rep! Hold them accountable. Tell them thank you if they voted “no”. If your rep is Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) or Tom MacArthur (R-3), the two NJ reps who voted “yes”, call them and tell them how their AHCA vote will affect your vote in 2018, when they are up for re-election! And while you’re contacting your rep, tell them to support HR 676, the Medicare for All Act. (Not sure who your House rep is? Find out here. Need some ideas about what to say when you call or write? Check out Indivisible’s helpful page full of facts and strategy, “Enough is Enough: Stop TrumpCare.”)
Call your representative
(856) 427-7000 Rep. Norcross (1st)
(609) 625-5008 Rep. LoBiondo (2nd)
(732) 569-6495 Rep. MacArthur (3rd)
(732) 780-3035 Rep. Smith (4th)
(888) 216-5646 Rep. Gottheimer (5th)
(732) 249-8892 Rep. Pallone (6th)
(908) 788-6900 Rep. Lance (7th)
(908) 820-0692 Rep. Sires (8th)
(201) 935-2248 Rep. Pascrell (9th)
(201) 369-0392 Rep. Payne (10th)
(973) 984-0711 Rep. Frelinghuysen (11th)
(609) 883-0026 Rep. Coleman (12th)

Not in NJ?
Call to be directly connected to your rep
(202) 224-3121

  • Write a letter to the editor explaining your opposition to the AHCA, and your opinion of your House rep, if you’re in district 3 or 11! Even if you don’t live in those areas, write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in Frelinghuysen and MacArthur’s districts. Share with their constituents a compelling personal story about the ACA, and ask them to hold Frelinghuysen or MacArthur accountable in the next election. Some newspapers to consider, for those who don’t know the local newspapers: In the 3rd District, the Asbury Park Press and the Burlington County Times. In the 11th District, the Morristown Green and the Observer Tribune/New Jersey Hills.
  • Write a letter to Rep. Frelinghuysen and Rep. MacArthur to let them know you will be donating money in honor of their AHCA vote to groups that are working to pressure them or unseat them in the 2018 election! Some organizations to consider: NJ 11th for Change, Indivisible, New Jersey Citizen Action, New Jersey Working Families Alliance.
  • Attend a protest. At least 2 opportunities are coming up in the next week! On Wednesday, May 10th, MacArthur will hold a town hall in Willingboro. New Jersey Citizen Action and the Burlington County Young Democrats are organizing a rally outside of the event from 5-9pm. For more details and to RSVP, go here or here.  Every Friday, NJ 11th for Change has been holding “Fridays with Frelinghuysen” rallies outside of the congressman’s Morristown office at 11 Washington St. The next event will be Friday, May 12th. Contact NJ 11th for Change for more details.
  • Organize your own protest, rally or vigil! Indivisible is suggesting that groups organize “die-ins” to protest the AHCA. They’ve even written up a Die-In Planning Guide that explains how to do it effectively!
  • Help pay for the “Let’s Fire Tom MacArthur” billboard. As of this writing, the GoFundMe campaign had already gotten halfway to its goal of $5,000!

If you hear of other rallies, events, campaigns, or groups to support, please email us at so we can update this list!