Voting our Values

View/Download a Side by Side Gubernatorial Candidate Profile here!

Did you know in November 2017 we will not only be electing a NEW governor but an entire state legislature? And do you know who are the candidates for governor and what are their platforms? Here are the four major party candidates in the gubernatorial race are:
Phil Murphy: Democrat
Kim Guadagno (current Lieutenant Governor): Republican
Seth Kaper-Dale: Green
Pete Rohrman: Libertarian

Learn more about the candidates by visiting our side by side candidate profile.

And what is the state legislature? In NJ, we have 40 Legislative Districts, which are comprised of 2 branches–the Senate and Assembly. Each Legislative District (LD) elects one Senator and 2 Assembly Members.

Why is this election so important for New Jersey? Because the legislators propose laws and funding, and the governor signs or vetoes the laws and approves or removes funding. Which is why here at STAND we are committed to educating New Jersey citizens that this is an election year, and the importance of participating in voting–through our Voting our Values (VoV) initiative!

What is Voting our Values (VoV)?

STAND’s VoV initiative is all about civic engagement outreach. Our goals include:

• Registering voters
• Informing voters about the mechanics of voting in their districts, including requesting mail-in ballots
• Increasing voter turnout by engaging voters in conversations regarding their concerns about life in NJ, and educating them on how the outcomes of the election impact those concerns
• Increasing the chances of people voting by following research-based best practices in canvassing

How are we going to accomplish these goals?

1. Set up a presence at events in key election areas as identified by our research team.
2. Engage people in a listening canvass using research-based best practices.
3. Have people walk away from the conversations informed, registered to vote, committed to vote, and with a clear personal plan for voting.

Who can participate in VoV?
You can! We need you to get the word out the election and its importance, as well as help others get the information they need to vote. Like more information on how to join in? Email