Get Involved

To sign-up for any of the following projects — or give us an idea for a new one — email us or visit the interest form to inquire about other volunteer opportunities.

Create Calls to Action with our Rapid Response Team!

Are you a news junkie, fact checker, wordsmith, or social media addict who can figure out how to craft a compelling call to action? Or do you know how to Photoshop text onto photos? Please join our team and help us pull together a call to action on the fly.

Join our Vote Our Values Campaign

One of our biggest initiatives continues with bringing the research to the next stage of informing and motivating NJ voters.  Perfect for those detail-oriented folks who want to work from home on their own time!

Research Districts with our Vote Our Values Team!

One of our biggest initiatives, let’s learn all about central NJ’s districts so we can flip ’em. Join our team and sign-up to draft new data collection forms, conduct research for a particular district, and/or analyze all of the data! Perfect for those detail-oriented folks who want to work from home on their own time!

Educate Others with our “Have You Ever Wondered?” Initiative!

To reach everyone, we want to identify terms and concepts relevant to current issues, and put together easily-accessible “bite-sized” memes or graphic modules. Currently we need a team of research, communications, and social media people, including some who can pull together some simple graphics.

Reach Out with our “People’s Pyramid”!

In an effort to flip NJ’s Congressional districts, we want to build a volunteer structure — the “People’s Pyramid.” We will locate and ask people who live in flippable districts to first take some kind of action — e.g., read a political news article, call their rep, show up at a rally — and then share that action with two other people who live in the same district, who will then do the same thing, and so on. Interested?

Keep an Eye on Things with our Media Watchdog Team!

Want to keep the media accountable for providing clear, factual information and unbiased analysis? Then sign up for this team! Each team member is assigned a media outlet or two and promises to scour these outlets to look for misleading or biased coverage, as well as particularly informative coverage, so we can then pass that info along to the group as a whole.

Be a Social Butterfly with our Social Media Team!

Love social media? We are looking for those of you able to help out with our various social media platforms. This includes not only posting online, but thinking of creative ways to engage members and visitors and help make posts “go viral”.

Help Organize STAND CNJ!

We are growing quickly and have tons of enthusiastic members ready to do real action work — Woo-hoo! But that means we need a virtual office manager (or two) to help keep us on task! If you are great with spreadsheets, Google forms, membership lists and files, routing requests, answering routine emails and more.